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Passionate About Inspiring Others

The most satisfying part of coaching is seeing the growth and identity develop in someone newly promoted, or unsure of themselves.  That is what Indelible Mark represents, growth and identity in individuals.  A renewed zest that leaves a long lasting mark on who they are and how they operate.  Are you looking to develop a new manager or team?  Is your current leadership without vision and movement toward your company goals?

The time is now!   What would it mean if you could see growth and stability in 2021?  In these uncertain times it is vital to reinforce your commitment to your team.   Contact me to schedule an assessment.  Let's customize a training solution that will move your team forward and empower your leaders to the next level.


Are you wondering about now if Indelible Mark can make an impact in your business or team?

"Sherry was beyond amazing at delivering our Leadership Training. She kept the team focused with interaction. I highly recommend. She is not only an impeccable trainer but very professional. Sherry has high energy. Looking forward to our next training session." HR Director, International Automotive Client

"I couldn't fit a full picture of what working with Indelible Mark has done for our team! But I do know that the investment we made in our team will be paying dividends for years to come! It truly has changed the trajectory of the company and the potential of our team!

Philip Deason, VP of Operations

“Sherry is so knowledgeable about the aspects of team building and knows the importance of defining the mission of an organization so that everyone is on board.  Her wisdom is useful both personally and professionally.” Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce

“I learned the reality of leadership and the tools of how to get there.” Training Attendee


"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Sherry Douglas and the Foundations of Leadership Program. I have had the pleasure thanks to Sherry of incorporating this program into our company and our front-line leaders along with seeing how this program has added personal and professional value to our leaders and company. This program has helped our leaders with areas such as Strategic Leadership, Communicating Effectively, Rules of Engagement, and several other key areas that support our vision and leadership expectations to improve overall culture initiatives and accountability. The classes have helped improve how new and experienced leaders handle challenging situations and are an integral part of enhancing relationships inside our organization as well as outside the organization with our customers and community.  Without hesitation, I would strongly recommend Foundations of Leadership to be considered for a variety of leadership training across many levels." Director of Manufacturing


"I am the Plant Manager and I am writing to recommend the Leadership Training Services of Sherry Douglas. Sherry created and implemented a successful leadership training seminar for my group of manufacturing managers and supervisors.
Her knowledge of what makes a team function coupled with her collaborative and innovative spirit made her a go-to expert for this project. She single-handedly took the goals that I had laid out and custom built a training session that fit my team. She was very detailed in her approach spending hours with me learning about each individual team members needs and personalities so that she could build the most comprehensive program that was tailored towards the main goal.  I recommend Sherry for any role through which she can contribute her remarkable creativity, energetic personality and dedication. If hired, I am confident that she would take your leadership training efforts to new heights."  Plant Manager

"This training opened my eyes to look at myself and give me ideal to help me grow my team."  Communication Training Attendee

"This training helped me learn the the difference between professional and personal coaching."  Coaching Employees Training Attendee


"This training made me think about how to develop my team, how to steer them in the right direction."  Accountability Training Attendee

"My greatest takeaways were the Trinity of Trust and the coaching tools."  Trust & Coaching Training Attendee

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